Our photographers capture one of the most important aspects of our gifts, they capture memories. All of our photo shoots have been a 100% donation of time, their artwork and gift of an entire album of photos.  Each photographer we have worked with, has been incredibly kind, sensitive, and accommodating with our Tyler's Grace Guests. They understand and respect the needs of our families while taking into thoughtful consideration that many of them have limited mobility and varying amounts of energy. Our photographers are true artist and professionals turning out work that gifts these families long after their Tyler’s Grace Experience. 


Courtney Aaron

Lake Tahoe, CA

Courtney is the first photographer we worked with. When we spoke, she immediately lit up as we discussed what our foundation does for families. She has one of those beautiful spirits that wants to give whole heartedly. Courtney never comes empty handed, she likes knowing what our families preferences are so she can bring a gift for them to enjoy. Courntey has gone far beyond donating her time to TGF, she has also taken to her Facebook photography community, recruiting more photographers to help us in case she wasn't available.  Courtney has donated her gifts and talents to photographing Aya Kamogawa and Ruben Contreras.

Brandi Caskey

Lake Tahoe, CA

Brandi is wonderful with our recipients.  Her attention to detail and her ability to capture the perfect moment is reflected in her art form and work.  She has donated much of her time in photographing multiple families for our foundation.  Her creative and heartwarming photos have been captured in Sebastian Ramirez , Melody Sullivan, and Ariyah Doengmany's albums. 

Matt & Tara Theilen

Lake Tahoe, CA

Matt and Tara displayed their artistic talents by photographing Jorge Gonzalez and his family. Their care and concern for our TGF recipients is not only reflected in their work, but their thoughtful follow up to see how our families are doing.

Michelle miller

Aptos, CA

Michelle had the opportunity to donate her gift of artistry to Mirella Quintero.  She perfectly captured the Quintero’s wedding on the beach in Aptos!  Michelle felt the true heart of giving and explained how much this having been involved with TGF meant to her.  “THANK YOU!!!! I am so beyond grateful I was able to capture this for the Quintero family and for Mirella. It was such a heartwarming experience, something I have never experienced. This is one of the reasons I do what I do. I am blessed to have had this opportunity and to be able to gift the Quintero family with these priceless memories that I know will be cherished forever. “



Lake Tahoe, CA

We initially reached out to Tanya for a birthday cake to gift Aya.  After making a beautiful cake, she graciously offered to help us any time in the future! Since then, she has made several cakes and confections for some of our recipients as a fun surprise!

Marina Sousa 

Aptos, CA

Marina Sousa and her bakery Just Cake’s motto is in exact harmony with Tyler’s Grace - They “create memorable finishes to your special day”

Marina’s bakery is located in Capitola, where they create extraordinary custom wedding and celebration cakes for clients throughout the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas and beyond.  Marina graciously donated her time and artisanship to gift the Quintero family with their beautiful beach themed wedding.

Gift Angels


Joanie Umscheid