Want to Help? 

Whether it is time, talent or financial blessings, there are ways for anyone who cares to make a difference. Please consider helping us continue this journey together.

We currently have no administration costs. 


Our team is comprised of volunteers with a heart for what we do. All dollars raised or donated, go directly to the families we serve. The majority of our resources come from our annual fundraising celebration and personal donations. Each Tyler’s Grace family has a $5000 budget.

Funds are allocated as follows:

  • Property Rental at Mountainside or Coastal Estate

  • Custom Gift Baskets designed with family preferences

  • Toys, games, clothing, electronics, movies and any items of special request

  • Gift Cards: Grocery Stores, Gas, Restaurants, Local Attractions and Activities

  • Photography Session: Our families are able to seize the moments when a professional photographer visits them for a private photo sitting.

Thank you for your partnership with us. If you can help with a donation today, either a first-time gift as a new monthly supporter or, a one-time donation in support of Tyler’s Grace and our TGF Families. 

Fund a Family

We’re able to gift our recipients because of people like you, who make it possible—people like you who are Monthly Donors or who will occasionally contribute to help this foundation. You’re enabling us to reach families who need the support and blessing during very difficult times. 

Your dollars are invested when you donate to Tyler’s Grace. Your donation allows us to create the “Best Week Ever” for a family.

  • $300 Creates a welcome basket for our family upon arrival

  • $450 Covers travel costs for our family to and from the destination

  • $750 Provides their full week of entertainment and excursions

  • $1,000 Stocks groceries in the house and provides offsite restaurant dining options for the week

  • $2,500 Covers housing costs for a week at our beach house in Aptos or our mountain retreat in Lake Tahoe

  • $5,000 Creates the “Best Week Ever” for a full family sponsorship!

Your support makes this possible and we always hear back from each of our recipients and families of how important, timely and precious your gift was to them. 


For your support of Tyler’s Grace Foundation.