Aya Kamogawa

Aya Kamogawa


Was diagnosed with an incurable form of cervical cancer after going in for a routine check-up while she was pregnant with her son.   Aya has a beautiful young family and continues to fight her cancer.  She and her family enjoyed an amazing gift to Lake Tahoe where she finally rested and spent some quality time with her little people.

Aya’s loving fiancé Yao, referred to their trip as “a time that their family felt free.”Aya celebrated her birthday on this trip. 

Thank you again for making this our best family vacation ever! We’re so grateful that we had this chance to do something like this!! You guys truly make family’s so happy! You guys are incredible! Thank you thank you thank you!!


TGF Angel: Courtney Aaron

Courntey has gone far beyond donating her time to TGF, she has also taken to her Facebook photography community, recruiting more photographers to help us in case she wasn't available.