Robert's Story

Robert Simbe

JULY 1, 1966 ~ FEBRUARY 25, 2013

Robert Simbe was my husband of 12 years. He is the father to my two beautiful children, Tyler and Samantha Simbe. He is a son, a brother and a best friend. He was a mentor and an inspiration. And he was a diehard bay area sports fan!

I will never forget the day Robert and I learned that not only were we fighting for our son’s life against cancer, we just stepped into a minefield for his life against it as well. I remember walking into the room where he had just been given the news. He was speechless. I started shouting, asking someone to tell me what was going on. I was quickly becoming unglued and as my heart was pounding out of my chest, I was growing more anxious as I screamed for a doctor. He had an aggressive form of stomach cancer and we were already at stage 4. I was overwhelmed and consumed by an ocean of grief.  We were now fighting to save a family, not just a member.


Robert was the protector of his family. But he couldn’t protect us from cancer. No one can. He couldn’t save himself or our son from the immeasurable pain cancer inflicts on a family and in our case, wins. Cancer fought and Rob fought harder. He didn’t want to die and he wasn’t going to accept that fate lightly or give up hope willingly. Robert showed cancer it wasn’t going to take him lying down. So, it took him fighting to his last breath. I am a fighter, because Robert died fighting. The strength and courage he demonstrated throughout his life and in his last months, was an inspiration to all that knew him.

Robert’s story has been written and fulfilled. It is through the Tyler’s Grace Foundation, Robert’s footprint will continue to live.