My Story – Catrina Simbe, Founder

My Story


Losing my husband at the age of 47 to terminal stomach cancer was devastating.  Losing my 6 year old son 39 days later to brain cancer, changed the course of my life forever.
My name is Catrina Simbe and I created Tyler’s Grace Foundation immediately after living through the devastating loss of the two most significant people in my life - my husband and my son. 

Having experienced suffering at that degree is more painful than what I imagined any human being could live through.  I admit, this has put my faith to the test, but it is the cross I will carry throughout the duration of my life.  My family and I will always have the scars of these deep wounds.  Yet, with each wound comes healing and I have found God’s purpose for me on the other side of the immeasurable, dark seas of grief.
I created Tyler’s Grace Foundation for families to find a path to hope in life’s darkest moments.  Channeling my pain in an effort to help others, was the birth of our mission. Throughout our journey my family has been blessed with many beautiful moments that will remain as deep imprints on my heart during the time I had with my boys.  
It is now my life’s goal to give this gift to other families.  I encourage you to get to know my boys through their stories and the families we support through Tyler’s Grace.
I share my story, my sorrow and personal experience openly so that my past pain can be of hope to others facing the destruction of cancer.
Uncharted paths await me as I continue to try and navigate through this new life.  The gift of Robert and Tyler's lives will remain impressed on my heart forever.  Our foundation was born through their loss, but also their inspiring life.  May it be a blessing to all our recipients and the families we serve.
Catrina Simbe
Founder and Executive Director